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Indentity Theft:

Be sure to see the "tips" section below:

Identity theft coverage is not included in the standard basic insurance forms, even the broader policy forms.  Rather, it is added by specific endorsement (IDT only) or included in a "package" of coverage enhancements that varies from company to company.  These "package" endorsements often include items that would be of no interest to some, but usually a few items that would appeal to any one insured, and example being damage by water backing up through sewers and drains.

Identity theft coverage is not insurance for the loss of the dollars from IDT.  It is coverage that varies a bit from company to company, but generally supplies the help to restore your credit rating.


1. In the event of identity theft, step one is to call all three credit reporting agencies to stop any illegal transactions in your        name.  Those three are:

   EQUIFAX:                                    1-888-202-4025 

   EXPERIAN:     1-888-397-3742 

   TRANS UNION:                            1-800-680-7289

2. Clearly placing a "fraud alert" and reporting the theft at once is paramount.  Equally important is to call the social security       fraud line number, currently 1-800-269-0271 or online at  This will advise anyone who is                 processing an application in your name (a store, a bank) that fraud has taken place and that they should contact you to         verify the validity of the new application. 

3. Take ALL important documents on your wallet (licenses, permits, credit cards, passport) and photocopy them each year.         Obviously, never carry your social security card in your wallet.  Those documents nearly always have numbers to call in case     of theft, but if they are stolen they are gone. 

4. File a police report at once.  Beyond showing that this threat it real, it starts the investigative process that might catch the     thieves and is the first step to regaining your credit rating. 

5. If you want to make your credit cards physically (as opposed to electronic theft) less easy for a thief to use, put "Photo ID       required" in the signature block. 

6. Be sure to call each of the credit card companies to cancel your account(s).  That does without saying I suppose, but don't       assume that because you have reported to the credit agencies that your personal accounts will be aware of that. 

7. Finally, do everything that you can not to display any more information on your checks that absolutely necessary.  Use only     the last four digits of your card number when paying credit card bills.  Don't put your home phone number on checks, use     work number.  If you have a post office box, use that instead of a street number or a work address if necessary. 

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