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Crawford Agency's roots go back to 1926.  We have been servicing our clients in upstate New York ever since.  In all that time the agency has had only four different owners and has always been on Main Street in East Aurora.  We're currently housed in our own building at 653 Main since 1987.  We are regular gypsies that way, I guess. 

The purpose of this website is to give information to help clients and friends manage the risks of being on this earth...whether we are their agents or not.  This is NOT a site to sell anything!  And yes, if you ask us how we use these facts in our own personal programs, we will tell you the truth, but it is not our place to tell you how to deal with any or all risks, when, ultimately you will be the one who pays the premium (or not) and gets the benefit (or not). 

The second most important thing to know about Crawford Agencies is that we are an owner/partner in Insurite Agency, Inc., whose major operations are housed with Promark Agency, located at 6470 Main Street, Williamsville.  The group was originally formed in 1986 by four good friends who enjoyed sharing management ideas and the frustrations of the growing trend towards automation.  We first purchased the agency of a retiring partner.  Insurite Agency then became useful for purchasing computer power we could not have afforded individually. 

We then appointed some new insurance companies in this agency so that they could be shared by all of the partners, providing additional carriers to solve client risk problems, and also guaranteeing the perpetuation of all our individual agencies should anything happen to the original owners.  It also brings marketing "clout" of over $17,000,000 in premiums to get things done. 

The elements and pages of this website reflect the mission of our company to provide information.... not hype....choices....not sales pitches to our clients to help them make the decisions that are right for them, and not to sell any prefab, canned, "do-all" solution for the management of risk.  And if you feel that self-insurance is the right choice, that is okay with us, so long as we feel you understand that.  There are a host of products out there... your risk may be very unique indeed. 

Substance over image since 1926