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Auto Insurance:

In our opinion, even if it is biased, the first thing you want to be sure of when you shop for auto policies, is to utilize an independant agent representing a minimum of six different carrier to pick from. 

The reason for this is what we see daily, especially with auto insurance...something goes wrong and you have a couple of claims in a row.  One may be at fault, maybe neither are, but the company wants "OFF the risk".  Your "single company" direct writing carrier (State Farm, Libery Mutual, Nationwide, GEICO) has no other companies to offer you.  You are on the street not only looking for a new company, but a person to talk to as well - and now with the baggage of a cancellation that must be declared on any new application.  OUCH!!

That only happens to one client of quite a few, but believe us, THAT person never goes back to a direct writer. 

Do you think you are saving something going to direct writers?  Who pays for all that expensive TV advertising?  When was the last time you saw a TV ad for an independant agency?

And is the cost of that individual at 1-800-CANUHOLD, the one who is always choice #1 (until they have your money) in the endless litany of menu layers to get to ANYONE you can actually talk to, is that person really any less expensive than the support staff in our office?  We can tell you that they are not. 

In an earlier life, the owner of the agency spent 10 years with a direct writing carrier, and left for the "agency side" of the business after losing a valued winery account (and friend) to questionable business practices.  More than enough said, but a lasting memory.  He has never regretted being where we can put the customer's interests first. 

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We do not write insurance contracts.  Nothing we say or write here can be deemed to change any insurance contract.  Our responsibility is to give insurance advice and to suggest a match for a risk with an insurance contract from a company who will accept that risk for a premium.  We are not attorneys who can give legal interpretation to the contract between insured and their insurers.  Information here is general in nature, for the widest audience