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Unlike property & liability insurance, workers compensation is a mandatory coverage for anyone who has an employee ("Statutory").  It is also written on state mandated forms, so all the coverage is the same.  Rates vary based on premium size, loss experience of the companies (class by class) and experience rating. 

The name of the game for us is to have many carriers to offer options.  We currently have nine options for Workers Comp policies.  That makes sure you are getting the best premium rate the market place has to offer. 

There are many different types of Workers Comp insurance programs.  Let us search the market place for you. 

If your company utilizes Crawford Agencies for Workers Comp coverage and has a payroll service, we can construct a "Pay As You Go" plan that combines payroll expense with workers compensation premiums, so that you are always paying the right amount monthly, rather than getting audit "surprises" for over or underestimating policy payroll estimates. 

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