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  Did You Know.......

                 .... that there are four different types of policies that an owner of a one family residence has to choose from.                          Which one do you have?  Apartment dwellers have another form, and condo owners still another.  None of                            these has anything to do with the limit of the policy, OR the loss adjustment basis (actual cash value or                                replacement cost, your choice). 

                 .... that it is possible to have replacement cost coverage for your contents inside a home that does not have                            coverage for the building?

                 .... that if your building is of a certain age (30 years is common) and damaged to a given percentage of total value                  (50% is common) that a municipal code enforcement officer can require that the remaining part of the building                  be torn down in order to force rebuilding to current code.  Here's the "kicker"...that part of the loss to the                                undamaged portion of the building (let alone the cost of demolition or additional cost to meet code) is very                          minimally or uninsured (don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger!). 

                 .... that if you have brick veneer on your home, it is not covered for loss from any kind of earth movement without                  earthquake coverage.  Fire, yes.  Earth movement, no.  And even THEN, the veneer exclusion must be removed                      from the endorsement adding quake coverage?

                 .... that if you have ANY kind of business pursuit that you carry on from your residence premises, the liability for                    that is specifically excluded without endorsement?

                 .... that wedding gifts for other than a named insured, temporarily on your premises, are not covered from theft or                  damage, even fire?  Property of others is an exposure that most insureds don't have.  It must be endorsed or                          insured by the owners. 

                 ....that if you use a detached structure for a business purpose (a garage for example), that structure is excluded                      from coverage (not to mention the business property inside)?

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