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Cover your VIN Number:

There are some things you can do to help avoid trouble, and claims before they happen.  There have been stories circulating that it is possible to get a key made at a dealership from any VIN (vehicle identification numer), and some dealers are more careful than others as to verifying ownership. 

So what is to prevent a thief from getting the VIN from the plate that everyone can see through the front window of your car (presuming YOUR car is the one they want) and getting a key and then walking up, unlocking it and driving away?

That's not hard for us to imagine, we've been around a while and read the same newspapers you do. 

Maybe there are failsafes in the system that make it difficult to do for some or most vehicles, but here's what we do:

Cut a strip of 3X5 index card and lay it over the plate on the dash board.  That number is nobody's business but yours, and if you need to show it for any reason you can remove the card easily. 

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