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  The following notice is now the law in New York State...prompted by the unscrupulous "bid rigging" actions of a few large       agencies, so we have to tell you what you already know:

  Reg. 194 Mandatory Initial Disclosure as required by the New York State Insurance Department

  As an independant insurance agent or insurance broker, I, or my firm, (hereafter "we") may have access to more than one insurance company to place your           coverage.  Whether acting as an independant insurance agent or insurance broker we have certain obligations to you as the purchaser and certain obligations to   the insurance company as determined in both statutory and case law.  If acting as an independant insurance agent we may have authority to obligate the           insurance company on your behalf and as a result we may be required to act within the scope of our contractual agreement with the company.  As the                 purchaser, you should know that we typically will receive compensation from the selling company based on the agreement we have with the company.  That         compensation may vary from company to company and also be impacted by the volume of business we place with the company, the profitability of that             business and other factors. 

  You may receive information about my compensation on the policy or policies you select and about any policies I have presented to you which you did not           select by written request for the information submitted to the Crawford Agencies. 

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We do not write insurance contracts.  Nothing we say or write here can be deemed to change any insurance contract.  Our responsibility is to give insurance advice and to suggest a match for a risk with an insurance contract from a company who will accept that risk for a premium.  We are not attorneys who can give legal interpretation to the contract between insured and their insurers.  Information here is general in nature, for the widest audience